The Goods shall be delivered on the following conditions (bases): EXW base – the Supplier’s warehouse (according to Incoterms-2010/Incoterms®-2010) or DDD base – to the Purchaser’s destination (according to Incoterms-2010/Incoterms®-2010) as agreed by the parties when executing a separate delivery contract.

Delivery of the Goods to the Purchaser shall be performed on the terms and conditions specified in the section “Terms of payment and delivery”, as well as in accordance with clause 6 of Public Offer.

Delivery of the Goods shall be performed exclusively in the city of Tashkent. The amount of delivery is an integral part of Public Offer and is prescribed when placing an order by the Buyer.

In exceptional cases, the goods may be delivered within 72 hours from the date of expiration of the order delivery.

If the Purchaser refuses the Goods or a part of it at the moment of delivery, the Purchaser shall pay the cost of delivery and return of the Goods to the store regardless of the reason for refusal.

Delivery shall be deemed to be performed from the moment the Purchaser receives the Goods.

Upon receipt of the Goods the Purchaser shall inspect the Goods for compliance with the application (quantity, range and completeness) and check their expiration date.

The delivered Goods shall be delivered to the Purchaser, and in the absence of the Purchaser – to any person specified by the Purchaser as the Recipient of the Goods. When transferring the Goods the Courier, in order to prevent cases of fraud, has the right to demand identity documents of the Recipient of the Goods.