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AFIF is a market leader when it comes to Industrial and Private solutions for the areas of watering and water transportation . There are efficient watering solutions for almost every kind of customer.

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Welcome to AFIF

We are glad to see you in corporate website of AFIF brand.

About AFIF

AFIF leads customer oriented business and personal approach regardless the number of products sold. The products from AFIF can be differentiated in the market via quality, durability and reliability use only quality raw materials from our respected suppliers to offer the best products for our customers.


We provide delivery service for our special customers to let them experience what true service is.


We use only primary raw materials to guarantee the quality and durability of our products.


Products of AFIF are differentiated by their durability due to best quality raw materials.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance systems are designed to prevent any kind of defects. We guarantee the quality of AFIF products by offering free replacement of defective products.

Corporate Identity

There are many reasons to choose AFIF brand. Get to know some of our corporate statements.

Market position

AFIF sees itself as a benchmark. We want to occupy a leading position in market share, innovation, quality and image, and we aim to be market leaders in all areas of our business.

Customer focus

We foster open dialogue with our customers based on partnership. Our products and services offer ideal solutions which have real benefits for customers.

Production and procurement

Our suppliers are part of our value chain. Together with them, we work continuously to optimise production intensity and process design. We ensure competitiveness in quality and costs through our responsiveness, speed and flexibility.

Use of resources

We design our products, services and processes to be environmentally compatible. Wherever we are active, we take environmental requirements into account and, in doing so, use all of the available resources responsibly.

Product range

Our product range We offer range of watering products including Industrial as well as Garden hoses with outstanding value for money.


Get to know our estimated yearly numbers including a couple of fun ones.

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We strive for long-term relationships with our partners, valuing punctuality, confidence, reliability, quality, and stability. AFIF set up clear and open communication in an objective and goal-oriented manner is the basis for any cooperation.


We provide a comprehensive list of all AFIF products for your convenience. All the details of products can be found near the respective item.
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For your convenience we allow our partners to have scans of our legal and optional certificates/licenses. Our partners are free to use these copies to fulfill their document package regarding AFIF.



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